Engagement Factsheets

Environmental issues  

Climate change– with the tangible effects and growing risks associated with climate change, we have prioritized engaging on climate related issues under ‘E’. This covers additional emissions disclosures, emission mitigation efforts, or the development of cleaner technologies. We expect companies to be aligned with the Paris Agreement and set emission reduction targets.

 CLP Holdings  Siemens Healthineers   Glencore
Shell  CEZ Equinor
 Kaiser Aluminum  Severstal  Beazley
 Climate voting    


Social issues 

Human Rights & Labour rights – ensuring that companies respect Human Rights in their operations and supply  chains, perform human rights due diligence, ensure payment of living wages and safeguard labour rights.


 Coats  MTN  Abercrombie & Fitch
 Nike  Hikma Pharmaceuticals  Deutsche Wohnen
 Alphabet  Novo Nordisk  



As part of our stewardship approach we daily engage with our investees on issues such as diversity on boards or among the senior management of the company, reasonable pay ratios, board independence, solid due diligence processes and corruption prevention.

 Unibail Rodamco Westfield  Kojamo Oyj  Western Forest
 Volkswagen  BE Semiconductor Industries  NN Group
 SAF-Holland  Intertrust  TKH
 Entra  Granite REIT  Argo
 Wells Fargo  Befesa