Active ownership


Service 1. Engagement 

We proactively opt for a dialogue with the companies we invest in and with external fund managers. This dialogue or ‘engagement’, allows us to encourage companies to improve policies and practices in which specific ESG issues have been identified. We not only apply this to equity, we also apply an engagement approach for fixed income. We firmly believe in engagement processes, improving ESG standards at companies and fund managers we invest in, preferably through a thematic approach.


Our current focus themes are highlighted below:

  • Climate
  • Labour
  • Human rights
  • Governance 
Please see below examples of our engagement cases across these themes: 





For more examples of our engagement cases please click here.

Working in collaboration 

We believe we increase our impact and stewardship when we directly engage with the companies and fund managers we invest in. Furthermore, Kempen believes in the strength of collaborative engagement. Through cooperation with other investors and fund managers, we can increase the leverage of our engagement activities.  

Kempen is an active member and a lead investor in a number of collaborative engagements

  • IIGCC Climate Action 100+
  • EUMEDION Investment Committee
  • Platform Living Wage Financials 
  • PRI 

Report 2. Governance and voting

Exercising voting rights is an essential part of responsible investment and active ownership. In line with our fiduciary duty we vote in the best interest of our clients. We believe that voting is essential to a democratic and functioning governance system. Our voting activities include voting at shareholder meetings in person, as well as by proxy. 

Read more about our voting policy and process

Voting records are retained for all votes cast with accompanying explanations as appropriate. 
We annually report on voting in our Responsible Investment Report, while also publishing Voting records.

More about governance & voting:

2022, 04 March

Annual Responsible Investment Report 2021


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