Responsible investing: Using our leverage to drive positive change

We are responsible stewards of our clients’ capital and use our influence to stimulate responsible business conduct.

“Our mission is to be long-term stewards, enabling our clients to preserve and create sustainable wealth with real economic returns and with positive environmental and social impact.“
Lars Dijkstra
Lars Dijkstra Chief Sustainability Officer

Our beliefs

  • We act as long-term stewards to generate attractive returns while considering the interests of all stakeholders.
  • We integrate ESG factors throughout our investment process to achieve better risk adjusted returns. 
  • We prefer inclusion over exclusion to more efficiently bring about change by working with companies. 
  • We engage as active owner to drive the sustainability of a company.
  • We allocate capital towards sustainable companies to achieve positive real world impact.

We are on a journey

Kempen has a strong commitment to long-term investing and sustainable value creation for all stakeholders. Sustainability is integrated throughout the organisation and our investment activities as we keep innovating and advancing in our journey.

To put our mission and vision into practice we engage with our investee companies on a wide array of strategic, financial and ESG topics. As an active owner we use our influence to consistently encourage positive change. 

We organise our responsible investment activities across four pillars:

EU Sustainability Regulation

Acting on climate change, its related environmental consequences together with the desire to provide a strong social base for all, is increasingly becoming a priority. Against that background, the European Union (EU) in 2018 laid the foundations for its Action Plan ‘Financing Sustainable Growth’, underpinning Europe’s goal to become climate neutral by 2050. Important ambition areas of the EU are to ‘reorient capital flows towards sustainable investment, in order to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth’ and to mainstream sustainability into risk management (European Commission, 8 March 2018, Action Plan: Financing Sustainable Growth). To facilitate progress in these areas, the EU introduced a set of legislative initiatives, including i.a. the EU Taxonomy Regulation and the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.

Here you can find more information on our (entity-level) disclosures required under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”). For fund-specific sustainability related disclosures, including the SFDR and Taxonomy Regulation, please visit our website. 

 Click here to read our SFDR entity level disclosure

Our engagements

We believe we increase our impact and stewardship when we directly engage with the companies and fund managers we invest in. We deliberately opt for dialogue with the companies we invest in and with external fund managers. This dialogue or ‘engagement’, allows us to encourage companies to improve policies and practices in which specific ESG issues have been identified. 

 Click here for our company engagement cases

Sustainability & Impact team


A wide range of issues facing the world – from digitalisation to diversity, climate change to coronavirus –have big implications for investors. Can they use their assets to help effect positive outcomes for people and planet as well as generating an attractive financial return? 

Read our Annual Stewardship and Sustainable Investment Report 2021

Publications Responsible Investment

Our offering

Client Solutions


Our Fiduciary Management and Client Solutions team consider ESG issues through all parts of the manager selection and monitoring process. From initial shortlisting to due diligence and post-contract monitoring.

We offer a wide range of possibilities to incorporate ESG criteria.

Please click here for an overview of our Fiduciary approach and implementation of ESG.

Investment strategies


In every aspect of our business, our commitment is simple: we focus on delivering stable outperformance in the long run with environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria fully incorporated into our investment process.

As an active owner we engage with our investee companies and use our influence to encourage positive change. 

For an overview of our strategies and their sustainable focus, please click here

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