Responsible investing: Using our leverage to drive positive change

We are responsible stewards of our clients’ capital and use our influence to stimulate responsible business conduct.

“Our mission is to be long-term stewards, enabling our clients to preserve and create sustainable wealth with real economic returns and with positive environmental and social impact.“
Leni Boeren
Leni Boeren Chief Executive Officer

Our beliefs

  • We act as long-term stewards to generate attractive returns while considering the interests of all stakeholders.
  • We integrate ESG factors throughout our investment process to achieve better risk adjusted returns. 
  • We prefer inclusion over exclusion to more efficiently bring about change by working with companies. 
  • We engage as active owner to drive the sustainability of a company.
  • We allocate capital towards sustainable companies to achieve positive real world impact.

Sustainable Investing is the greatest opportunity for change

1. Leave out meat from one meal a week

You can save 99 kg CO₂ emissions a year (assumed 100gr minced beef)

2. Shortening your shower by 2 minutes

You can save 109 kg CO₂ emissions a year

3. Skip one flight a year to Paris

You can save 150 kg CO₂ emissions (a return flight from Schiphol to Paris)

4. Move your retirement savings to our sustainable fund

You can save 6,141 kg CO₂ emissions per 100k invested in our Global Sustainable Equity Strategy versus the MSCI World

Putting your savings in sustainable funds can be 18 times more efficient than the other activities combined.  

We are on a journey

Kempen has a strong commitment to long-term investing and sustainable value creation for all stakeholders. Sustainability is integrated throughout the organisation and our investment activities as we keep innovating and advancing in our journey.

To put our mission and vision into practice we engage with our investee companies on a wide array of strategic, financial and ESG topics. As an active owner we use our influence to consistently encourage positive change. 

We organise our responsible investment activities across four pillars:

Publications Responsible Investment

Our offering

Client Solutions

Our Fiduciary Management and Client Solutions team consider ESG issues through all parts of the manager selection and monitoring process. From initial shortlisting to due diligence and post-contract monitoring.

We offer a wide range of possibilities to incorporate ESG criteria.

Please click here for an overview of our Fiduciary approach and implementation of ESG.

Investment strategies

In every aspect of our business, our commitment is simple: we focus on delivering stable outperformance in the long run with environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria fully incorporated into our investment process.

As an active owner we engage with our investee companies and use our influence to encourage positive change. 

For an overview of our strategies and their sustainable focus, please click here

Our webinars

We organized two webinars about responsible investing. During the webinars we will addressed the question on how to implement ESG principles as an integral part of an investment process, and taking the next steps on your sustainable journey.

 You can watch them here:

Sustainable Value Creation

Our whitepapers

Sustainable investing and active management

How to stay ahead of this sustainability wave and contribute to this transition to a sustainable economy? Based on the latest research and supported by case studies and empirical evidence, we put forward the argument for active investment.

Whitepaper Impact Investing

Sustainability and the necessity to leave the world in a good state for future generations is attracting increased global attention. Increasing numbers of private and institutional investors are also focusing their investment choices on financial as well as non-financial criteria. The role that impact investing can play in these choices has become an increasingly important part of the conversation. Besides the rising demand for investment opportunities in the area of impact investing, an increased number of asset managers are developing impact investment products. The purpose of this white paper is to provide a theoretical and practical background the subject of impact investing, describing what it is, how impact can be measured in practice, what the characteristics of this market are and what challenges impact investors are facing.

Read our whitepaper

Sustainable investing and active management


Impact investing


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