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Changes to the Dutch pensions landscape bring increasing responsibilities to pension funds and pension administrators and managers. You want to be and remain in control of the pension assets under your management, so it would be of great value to you to have a proactive partner who will make life easier for you in the overall investment chain, allowing you to focus entirely on your role as an administrator.


The experienced Kempen team has in-depth knowledge of the issues confronting pension funds, insurance companies, and other institutional clients. We build up our knowledge of pensions using the experience we gather serving a wide variety of pension-related clients, including premium pension institutions, defined benefit and defined contribution pension funds, and the General Pension Fund. In these roles, we have worked together for many years with executive boards and administrative offices as their fiduciary manager. We adopt a hands-on approach and always work in co-creation with you. It is not our style to take matters out of your hands. Instead, we will be right by your side at all times to help you with expert Fiduciary Management, ranging from innovative DC solutions to sustainable investment advice. You know better than anyone else that an investment portfolio requires constant attention. That is why we effectively anticipate market changes, with an explicit focus on the long-term vision of your pension fund.


Our sole purpose is to help you to achieve excellent investment returns. Thanks to our open architecture and wide variety of investment options, you can choose for yourself which portfolio best matches the identity of your fund and your risk appetite, for instance. We work as much as possible with investment solutions offered by suppliers other than Kempen. To us, that is an obvious choice. 


In an environment where DC pension is becoming increasingly important, we offer our clients several options to design a DC pension scheme that meets their needs and matches their principles. We have ample experience, for instance, with creating DC pension funds, integrating DC solutions in a DB/CDC pension fund, and developing life cycles in a PPI. We invest in accordance with the life cycle principle, using three risk profiles: defensive, neutral, and offensive. We will diversify your investment portfolio as much as possible to help you achieve your goals. In this manner, we will work with you towards a future-proof pension for all of your participants.

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