As a part of Client Solutions, we will select actively and passively managed investment strategies of external asset managers. These investment strategies are accessible to you through a fund or a mandate. Our Multi-management team, one of the largest and most experienced fund selection teams in the Netherlands, is responsible for the selection.

Many years of experience and close cooperation with teams of our colleagues have resulted in a very extensive network. Because of our experience, we are able to identify ‘best in class’ managers in every investment category fast and effectively. Manager selection is a labour-intensive process that requires specialist knowledge. That is why many clients prefer to outsource their manager selection to professionals.


What is characteristic of our manager selection is our focus on qualitative factors that we use to look ahead. We attach great importance, for instance, to the quality and stability of an investment team. In addition, we are convinced that a distinctive investment process is a condition for achieving above-average returns. That is why we invest a lot of time in developing an in-depth understanding of the manager’s strategy. On-site meetings with asset managers are key to our selection process. Only that way can we develop a reliable impression of what goes on behind the scenes of investment funds and fund managers. We record our analyses in an in-depth due diligence report. 


Obviously, our process does not stop after the initial selection of a manager. On a quarterly basis, we will assess all of the managers we have selected against the seven criteria that are also central to the due diligence report: organization, strategy, portfolio, performance, ESG, governance and operations, and terms and conditions. Our monitoring, therefore, is a logical follow-up on our selection process. The specific topics for attention will vary for each investment class. In the case of small-cap share managers, for example, we will prepare quarterly liquidity analyses of the investment portfolio. When it comes to credit managers, we will monitor the credit quality performance of the portfolio against the benchmark. Furthermore, we encourage all of our managers to focus on solid integration of sustainability criteria.


We are positive that if you want to select the best investment strategies, you have no choice but to turn to our manager selection team. This may sound slightly conceited, but we prefer to call it self-confident. As a result of our extensive research, we know our fund managers inside out. Our scale and our long-lasting relationships with our managers enable us to negotiate highly competitive rates for our clients. The results we achieve are impressive, to say the least: 80% of the managers we have selected perform above average.

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