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Kempen has a strong ambition in the field of Fiduciary Management, and our clients benefit from this ambition. We offer specialized service, bespoke solutions, and benefits of scale. Our hands-on approach serves one purpose only: to help you to achieve excellent returns on your investments, so that you can focus entirely on your core business.


Thanks to our open architecture and wide variety of investment options, you can choose for yourself which portfolio best matches the identity of your organization and your risk appetite. You are not alone in this process, of course. We will guide you through the steps of the asset management process. Your Kempen advisors will help you to set up and formulate a policy that matches your organization, tapping into a long list of best practices.

Together, we will take care of the implementation of and compliance with your policy. Your advisors will translate your views of the economy and the various markets as well as our own into well-balanced investment portfolios that are in line with your principles. Our portfolio managers will subsequently put these views into practice by developing an investment proposition that is as efficient as possible, a proposition that exceeds your expectations and that will provide maximum protection for your assets.


Kempen has a clear overview of the entire investment market. Our team of experienced fiduciary managers, one of the largest in the Netherlands, will not settle for any run-of-the-mill investment solutions. Our constant aim is to find the best solution, both for institutional investors and private clients. You can hold us to account for achieving your investment objectives. Indeed, we want you to hold us to account! This will help us to improve our Fiduciary Management on an ongoing basis. We owe our high client satisfaction scores to this entrepreneurial spirit and the cross-pollination between colleagues serving various client groups. It enables us to get to know our clients inside out. We are dedicated to listening to your needs and using what we learn to provide the best possible service, in a measurable and demonstrable manner, so that your organization and ours can grow together.


Kempen's asset management process consists of the following 7 steps:

Step 1: Organization and convictions

In order to align the asset management process to your organization optimally, it is essential to develop a proper understanding of your vision and mission, your governance structure, and existing views regarding investing and investment risks. We will gladly advise you on this subject if you so desire.

Step 2: Risk attitude and ambition

Subsequently, we will sit down together to determine which investment framework and risk profile best match your organization. For this purpose, we will use ALM studies and risk analysis, and draw up crisis plans.

Step 3: Strategic policy

We will support you in the development of a long-term strategic investment policy. This will combine your risk attitude and ambition with your strategic principles with respect to your risk, liquidity, and ESG policies, and will include an investment case for each investment class. This development will take place through study days, workshops, and presentations by our pension experts.

Step 4: Annual policy

On the basis of the strategic investment policy, we will support you in the development of an annual investment plan. This will include several perspectives that will be combined to form an appropriate policy, including risk scenarios, developments in the economic environment, and evaluations of existing and new investment classes. We take pride in our continuous efforts to innovate this approach.

Step 5: Portfolio construction and manager selection

The investment plan forms the basis for the composition of the specific investment portfolio, the decision on the list of fund managers – including several ESG options – and the manager selection, monitoring, and evaluation. Your principles and your investment cases in each of the classes are key in this respect.

Step 6: Portfolio monitoring and adjustment

After the initial investment, we will continuously monitor all of the fund managers against six criteria: organization, strategy, portfolio, performance, ESG, and Operations and Conditions. If you wish, we will adjust the investment portfolio and update the manager restrictions.

Step 7: Administration, reporting, and accountability

Finally, we will lay down the asset management process in financial, risk, and balance sheet reports. These will form objective accounts of our services and will offer clients insight into the results of our Fiduciary Management.

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