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Only you know what you really want your assets to provide. Your goal may be to preserve the purchasing power of your wealth for the benefit of future generations, or to grow your wealth at the same time. How would this affect annual withdrawals and charitable donations? And how important is it to you that your assets are invested sustainably and for the long term?

You may have several objectives. Your assets may also be spread over several different financial institutions and you may lack clarity as to where specific parts are accommodated. Another possibility is that you want to have a great say in determining your investment policy. Whatever your specific situation may be, you need a professional partner who will never lose sight of your objectives, will provide independent advice, and has a clear vision with respect to your investments. Kempen is that partner. Whatever your needs, we will meet them.


As a fiduciary manager, we stand right by our clients. Together, we will define the objectives for your assets. In close consultation, we will find the solution that best matches your needs, and for this purpose, we will gladly go the extra mile. We can anticipate your needs because we speak the same language. Our advisors will give you an honest, balanced opinion on the issues you are facing.

“Our advisors will give you an honest, balanced opinion on the issues you are facing.”


The interests of our clients are paramount at all times. We will continuously keep you updated on the performance of your assets, for instance. This enables us to advise you on the best match in terms of investment strategy at any given time – and without any designated supplier. We will give you our honest opinion and we are not afraid to ask questions. We know from experience that clients appreciate this approach. In addition, we can be your partner in assessing the merits of the offer of external asset managers. As we are committed to top quality service, we ensure that we deliver bespoke solutions in investment products, investment advice, and asset management. This comprehensive solution will enable you to manage your wealth exactly the way you want to – and that is what it is all about.


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