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In the field of DC, Kempen has a proven track record spanning many years of providing innovative and future-resilient investment solutions. We can offer both employers and individuals bespoke DC solutions. In designing your solution, we will naturally take into account your objectives, your specific investment convictions, your allocation needs, and the ESG policy of your choice.

For Kempen, the application of these ESG criteria goes hand in hand with the pursuit of financial returns. We use an efficient standard. To be more specific: Kempen works with a number of existing profile funds that allow for convenient life cycle structuring in line with the desired returns and an appropriate risk attitude in the accumulation and benefit payment phases. ESG is an integral element in these funds.

In any case, we select only specialist investment funds that meet our very strict criteria. Whenever funds or underlying companies do not (or no longer) meet our requirements, we will discuss the matter with them. In the event that they fail to introduce improvements after the discussion, we can exclude them. We guarantee you this, as we will never blindly follow trends, jump on a bandwagon or be swayed by the lures of short-term success. We will optimize the diversification of your investment portfolio, so that we can help to realize your goals as well as those of your participants.


Kempen invests according to the life cycle principle. Depending on the age of your participants, we will invest pension contributions in a mix of low-risk and high-risk investments. We will adjust the mix as the participant ages to ensure that the investment risk decreases gradually as retirement age draws closer.

We have ample experience designing DC policies for DC pension funds, integrating DC solutions into DB/CDC pension funds, and developing life cycles in PPIs. As not everyone has the same risk appetite, we offer three standard life cycles with different risk profiles: defensive, neutral, and offensive. In this process, we give due consideration to the needs of participants and their decisions as to whether they want to continue to invest after their retirement.

In addition, we often develop bespoke portfolios. There will be no such thing as a designated supplier. Selecting the best possible funds and solutions is our prime consideration. On the basis of an extensive selection process, our specialists will select the most suitable investment funds from anywhere on the globe. To us, it is self-evident that we should not restrict ourselves to the range of services and products of one single organization, as our ambition is clear: our goal is to
work with you towards a future-proof pension for all of your participants.

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