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Based on a thorough due diligence with a strong focus on qualitative forward-looking analysis, we select specialist Alternative Credit funds. The bar is set high, and we run concentrated portfolios. We have a preference for employee-owned, focused firms with a strong alignment of interest and stable, experienced teams that base investment decisions on original research.

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Alternative investments have grown significantly over the past decades.
Diversification benefit and attractive returns have been the main drivers for this growth. Now that saving has not been rewarded for some time, investors are looking for alternative. In this series modern rather than traditional, we discuss alternative investments.

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Kempen Capital Management manages investment funds according to this 'investment strategy'. The overview of these investment funds is shown above. 

Please note that the funds displayed on this website may not be registered and available in your country. Furthermore, some investment funds are only intended for professional investors or available through selected distributors. You will find the particular information at the 'fund facts' section of the specific fund. 

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