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Our brand story

The year is 1903 and the Amsterdam stock exchange opens its doors in the form of ‘De Beurs van Berlage’ (Berlage’s stock market). Very much like the coming of the world wide web, this seemingly insignificant event soon becomes a milestone in global history and a game changer in worldwide trade.

As with the coming of the Internet, most people don’t understand the initial fuss. However, Arines Kempen is not ‘most people’. Arines looks at the market building, in fact, it could be said he stares right into the light coming from the opening of its doors. It doesn’t blind him; instead it opens his eyes. That very same month, he starts his own securities company.

Arines’ eyes continue to stay open as he picks financial talent Martinus de Lange as his right hand man. Kempen might have been the company’s godfather, but de Lange is the ‘& Co’ in the full—and now registered— trade name ‘Kempen & Co’.

In the century that follows, Kempen & Co very modestly gain fame as both an innovative company and a highly trustworthy operation with a unique style of conduct. We come up with the first securities research publication almost by accident, and in doing so invent the métier of the research analyst, In the latter half of the century, we fine-tune our signature long term participation and start a highly involved style of shareholding. 

We can’t help but attract the interest of major foreign players in the field and as we steer closer towards the turn of the millennium, the Kempen ship sails under numerous (international) flags. That is, until we become an independent department of the Van Lanschot Group in the year 2007.

Since then we’ve united an esteemed capital manager with an ambitious merchant bank in a mutual quest to create progress and value for all our clients. We’re a dynamic duo with a shared, stereotype-busting mentality. Simply put, we work hard and create value through our expertise and esprit de corps. 

We’re exclusive rather than ‘all over the place’. So while we’re non-existent in most areas, we’re serious contenders in others. The result is a clear portfolio that guarantees all clients get our signature high-level attention. 

From the 30-year-in-the-business senior partner in the corner office to the excited trainee with a head full of ideas, our collective expertise keeps us on par with our clients’ specialized enterprises and enables us to be an important part of the conversation.

Our dedication knows no boundaries. We contemplate our client’s cases when we’re in the shower, over tea, out jogging and even when we sleep. 


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The Management Board

Constant Korthout
Leni Boeren
Leonne van der Sar

Profile Kempen & Co

Kempen & Co is a Dutch merchant bank providing financial services in securities broking,corporate finance, and through Kempen Capital Management N.V., asset management. Our clients include institutional investors, companies, financial institutions, (semi)public institutions and foundations.
Since its foundation in 1903, Kempen & Co has been cultivating its expertise, offering first-class advice through personal and long-lasting relationships with clients. It is precisely in an era in which information is easier than ever to come by that Kempen & Co strives to operate selectively. It does so by focusing its services on segments in which in-depth research and advice can add real value, such as small and medium-sized listed businesses, biotech and real estate companies.

Subsidiary of Van Lanschot

As an investment firm, Kempen & Co is subject to the supervision of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and holds a license on the basis of Article 2:96 of the Dutch Act on Financial Supervision (Wet op het financieel toezicht). Kempen & Co is a subsidiary of Van Lanschot N.V. (‘Van Lanschot’). As a bank, Van Lanschot is subject to the supervision of De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. and has been issued a license on the basis of Article 2.11 of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act (Wft). Van Lanschot is also registered as financial institution with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) in Amsterdam.

Annual reports

As of 2 January 2007, Kempen & Co became part of Van Lanschot Kempen. Van Lanschot Kempen has issued a 403 declaration for Kempen & Co in which it states that it is jointly and severally liable for any debts arising from any legal acts conducted by Kempen & Co. Kempen & Co is therefore exempt from the obligation to publish an annual report. 

From 2007, Kempen & Co’s annual figures will be consolidated into Van Lanschot Kempen’s annual report.

Download Van Lanschot Kempen’s annual report 2018

403 declaration

Article 2:403 of the Dutch Civil Code states that companies may be exempt from the obligation to publish and audit annual reports if their financial data is consolidated into that of the parent company. This is only the case, however, on condition that the parent company has declared in writing that it is severally liable for any debts arising from any legal acts conducted by the subsidiary, such as entering into a contract. The declaration of liability (known as the ‘403 declaration’) must be lodged with the Chamber of Commerce’s trade register. 

Annual report archive

The annual report archive contains Kempen & Co’s annual reports from 2008 onwards. The reports may be downloaded and printed in the original layout.