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Private Markets

European Private Equity

Investing in the challenges of the future

In the next decades, demographic developments will present major challenges in areas such as food, water, energy and housing. In order to meet these challenges, investments are needed in infrastructure, land and real estate, and promising companies need support through private equity. These four non-listed segments together we call Private Markets.

Investments in Private Markets can effectively contribute to solutions to the challenges mentioned. Think of private equity investments in young companies working on medical innovations such as new medicines or better diagnostic techniques. Other examples are agricultural investments leading to a more sustainable food supply, or investments in infrastructure aimed at sustainable energy sources.

Investing in private markets can be attractive but requires a long-term horizon because of the limited liquidity of the underlying investments. Traditionally, investing in private markets is primarily reserved for large institutional investors. In order to give other investors access to the private markets, Kempen has developed a solution to invest in Private Markets. This allows also smaller investors to invest in the challenges of the future and benefit from demographic developments in the long term.

“With Private Markets you invest in unlisted assets. Investments in private markets have shown strong risk-adjusted returns in the past. ”

Return and diversification

With Private Markets you invest in unlisted assets. Investments in private markets have shown strong risk-adjusted returns in the past. Another advantage is the diversification that this can add to portfolios with traditional asset classes.

Of course, there are also important focus points. For example, a long investment horizon is required in connection with limited liquidity. Accessibility and implementation also cause challenges.

Experienced management team

The Private Markets Team of Kempen is the driving force behind the solution. This consists of specialized investment professionals who have been working together for years. The team is responsible for the strategic allocation, the identification of interesting subcategories within the private markets, the sourcing of investment solutions and portfolio management. The team members work closely with colleagues from other departments within Kempen. They support the team in, for example, market analyses and the due diligence of investments.

  • Investing in private equity, infrastructure, land (farmland and timber) and private real estate in one solution, in which is invested in strategies of specialised managers of each of these categories
  •  Attractive return potential and diversification possibility
  • Investing for the long term in unlisted private markets
  • Focus on adding value through ‘hands-on’ shareholding
  • Withdrawals (on a quarterly basis) depending on the liquidity of underlying investments

Private Markets
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Private Markets


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